Pie Chart Selection issue in v2.2


I have a Pie Chart set up, that was working correctly with v2.1

I have a series of buttons corresponding to each segment, that on pressing I call the following:

    SChartPieSeries *series = (SChartPieSeries*)[[pieChart allChartSeries] objectAtIndex:0];
    for (int i=0; i<series.dataSeries.dataPoints.count; i++) {
        SChartDataPoint *dp = [series.dataSeries.dataPoints objectAtIndex:i];
        if ((i != index) && dp.selected) {
            [series setSlice:i asSelected:NO];
        }else if ((i == index) && !dp.selected){
            [series setSlice:i asSelected:YES];
    [pieChart redrawChart];

With v2.1, the Pie Chart would rotate nicely and the correct segment would animate out.

However, since upgrading to v2.2, the rotation does not occur, which does not look very pleasant. Is there any way to enable the automatic rotation via the setSlice: asSelected:  method?

Thanks in advance!


Yeahh i think the nice “autorotation” is complitly removed and nobody knows why… ;(



The autorotation of pie slices is still included in 2.2. I’ve verified that it works on the PieChart sample from the latest version (2.2).

One thing that did change from 2.1 to 2.2 is that the animation property changed from an enum to the full animation object. Have you taken that into consideration? Have at the overview in our docs here. It shows exactly what was deprecated and how it should work now.



Ok… thanks ChrisGrant! Now it worked for me…