Possible to ignore or allow nil datapoints (for y-axis)?


What I would like to happen is that the chart simply won’t plot either 0 y-axis values or nil datapoints, and continue as normal. Currently I get the errors:

**Datapoint can’t have a nil y-object (series 0, index 0) and **Datapoint cannot be nil. (series 0, index 0)

Is it possible to allow this?


Hi WellWell,

We don’t allow users to supply nil datapoints to the chart. You should santise your data of nil values before telling your chart how many datapoints it should expect. I would expect this to be negligable with regards to performance.



Hi Jan, thanks for your response. Really when dealing with time on an x-axis, sanitising data really isn’t an option as it doesn’t give a correct overview. Hopefully you’ll allow gaps in graphs in a future release!


Hey Wellwell,

I’ve forwarded this suggestion onto our development team! Thanks for your feedback.



Is there a workaround for this ? I have a similar issue where I want to ignore the 0 values of the y-axis for certain x-axis value. However I would still want the -axis to show those dates (just that it wont have a corresponding y axis mapping)