Problem with axis labels truncating


For reasons that are not relevant, I am trying to display a series on a line plot where the X-Axis values are individual days. I am using an X-Axis of type SChartAxisTypeNumber in conjunction with a custom axis formatter to convert the day number (number of days from a fixed point in time) to a date string (11/9, 11/11, etc).

The behavior I am seeing is that the major tick labels are being sized based on the numeric value of the point rather than the string outputted by the formatter. This is resulting in my labels being truncated, i.e. the value for a point may be a single digit: 5 (for the fifth day) and results in a very narrow label that will not accommodate the date: 11/7.

This seems like a Shinobi bug, but I’m not sure if there is a workaround.

Thanks in advance!