Problem with Problem with setContentOffset - Grid crashes app


After scrolling then setting the ContentOffset to 0, 0 the app becomes unresponsive, CPU usage goes to 99% and Memory usage keeps going up. It appears that the ShinobiDataGrid is in a loop allocating resources.

Attached is an image with Stack Trace, memory usage. CPU usage was 99% before I broke to get the stack trace.


Hi GST_Dev,

You’ve logged a support ticket with us about this issue and we’re waiting to hear a bit more about your current scenario in order to be able to help you with your issue.

In the meantime here’s another forum post which has some tips on optimizing performance.

Kind regards,



Thanks. I had logged a ticket was well. We have more information on a work around we are using. Will update ticket, but in a nutshell, we encounter error only when first section was closed, so we created an empty section at the top what was and open and hidden.