Reload grid after deleting row causes table scroll up awkwardly


Hi experts,

In my grid, I have a column for delete buttons, so whenever users tap on delete button cell, I remove that row from datasource and reload grid. It works properly, however, sometimes the grid scroll up or down awkwardly. Do you have any idea? I am using Version 2.0.0. Here is my code:

- (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid didTapCellAtCoord:(const SGridCoord *) gridCoord isDoubleTap:(BOOL)isDoubleTap {
        switch (gridCoord.column) {
            case ColumnDeleteButton: [dataArray removeObjectAtIndex:row]; [table reload]; break;

Thank you,

Binh Nguyen


Greetings Program!

It might be best to switch over to the latest ShinobiDataGrid instead of the ShinobiGrid. The latest version is 2.5.3 and I am thinking your issue could be due to a combination of the grid control version and the iOS version.



Thanks for your suggestion.

Does this means that I need to buy ShinobiCare  to get the lastest version? My customer portal account has just expired.  :slight_frown:


Binh Nguyen