ReloadData resets my axis



I’ve just upgraded to the latest Shinobi Charts and my app, which formerly was working fine, keeps resetting my X Axis when I do ReloadData. Is this expected behaviour now? Are there any comprehensive release notes on the latest release?

Cheers, Matt


Hi Vlad,

As far as I was aware, the previous release always resetted the axes ranges to their default range whenever reloadData was called. Release 2.3 added a property on autoCalculateAxisRanges which should allow you to turn on and off this behaviour.

Whilst I don’t understand why your X-axis wasn’t resetting in the previous release, try setting the autoCalculateAxisRanges property to NO before calling reloadData on your chart. Let me know how you get on.



I still get strange behaviour with the axes - currently they reset repeatedly. Do you have a service pack coming out soon? I’m wondering whether to hang on for that or revert to an old version.


Would it be possible for you to send us in a demo project in to that demonstrates this issue? This would really help us investigate the issue.



It’s really hard for me to extract this issue into a demo project but I’ll have a go.

In the meantime, some info about any pending service pack would be nice as otherwise I’m going to have to go back to the old version. A list of known issues would also be very useful.

Cheers, Matt


Hi Matt - I’ll respond on this thread to keep our conversation in a single place.

We have a very iterative development process so we continually release fixes. We will be putitng out an update this week to update our controls to be ready for iOS7, along with some fixes. You should be able to download this from the customer support portal if you have a valid Care/CarePlus contract at some point this week, otherwise you’ll need to redownload our 30-day trial.

Did you manage to replicate this issue in a smaller project you can share with us?