Removal of tab when its the only one in the TabbedView?


Just wondering how it would be possible when only 1 tab is in the tabbedView to allow for it to be removed. Essentially allowing no tabs to be in the tabbedView if closed. is this possible, or do I need to create some hidden tab that is not visible and would always be in the TabbedView.


Hi tvsports86,

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to close the final tab of a tabbed view - in fact the delete icon disappears when there is only one tab.

It might well be possible to create a hidden tab which could be the last tab. I would suggest taking a look at the following “how-to” guide in the user guide, which explains the process through which you can customise the appearance of a tab:

How to customize the appearance of a tabbed view

You’ll see that there is an accompanying sample project which demonstrates how to perform this.

Hope that helps