Remove space for ticklabels



i have a chart which is only 70x320px in size. Since the user now, which values are shown here and the shown range is known, there is now need for tickmarks, labels, axis-labels etc.

I want that the axis are attached to the outer frame, so that there is no space wasted. How can i achieve this? I already looked into the Theme and into the AxisStyle, but i couldn’t fine anything to remove the space.




Hi Daniel,

You we’re looking in the correct place, but the width is controleld by the axis object itself. Whilst the axis width can’t be less than it’s line width - the following code should hide the axis elements: = NO; = NO; = @0.5f;
chart.xAxis.width = @1.f;

Setting the line color to clear will also give the effect of completely removing the axis from view: = [UIColor clearColor];


Perfect. Works like a charm.