Repeated Value on X Axis(DateTimeAxis) with no data to plot on graph


Hi Team,

When I am plotting a bar chart, with X,Y Axis. I have DateTimeAxis on X Axis and I have only 1 record to plot, so the Default date range is 2012 only, but I am getting 5 tick marks with 2012 value. I dont want this 2012 to repeat as I dont have any data to plot. 

My series,XAxis and Adapter have only 1 record, but still i see few empty tick marks with label 2012.

Please let me know how to fix this issue.



Hi - the best way to fix this would be to provide a custom label format to the axis, which will change the 2012 labels that you see, into a more meaningful month, for example, chart.xAxis.labelFormatString = @“MMM”;