Require multiple y Axis to overlap


Hi I’m adding a bunch of y-Axis to a graph and I don’t want to show the y-Axis at all. I want all the y-Axis to overlap, but the more y-Axis I add the further to the right it pushes the graphs out. It appears as if each additional y-Axis requires a minimum of 10 px. In the image I have each set to 1 just to show here but even if I set it to 0 the graph still gets pushed out. I don’t require to see any info on the y Axis, no labels, no ticks, nothing. How can I hide all the y-Axis without the “pushing” effect so all that is displayed are the lines in each series?

Extra Y Axis


Figured it out. Although the minor tick lables weren’t visible I still had add the following code (one of the assignments may be all that was necessary) = NO; = NO;
 Now [yAxis spaceRequiredToDrawWithTitle:NO] will return 0 instead of 10 and the graph draws correctly.