Resetting zoom in ShinobiCharts for Xamarin.Android


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I’ve just started evaluating ShinobiCharts for both iOS and Android under Xamarin, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to reset the zoom under Android so far.

The iOS version has the “GestureDoubleTapResetsZoom” property on the chart class which does all the work behind the scenes, and while I can subscribe to double tap events in Android via the IShinobiChartOnGestureListener interface, the documentation I’ve read doesn’t explain how to do the actual resetting.

Any help would be much appreciated!




The various programmatic pan and zoom APIs aren’t yet implemented in the current version 1.3 of ShinobiCharts for Android, though we will be adding them in some form in due course as we bring the Android version up to feature parity with the iOS version. However, the basic functionality is available via the RequestCurrentDisplayedRange method on the NumberAxis and DateTimeAxis classes. In combination with the IShinobiChartOnGestureListener interface this allows you complete control, though unfortunately you currently have to write a little more code than you do with the iOS version, and will have to specify exactly what range you want to reset the axes to.

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Robin Sillem


Thank you, Robin. Got the idea.

Since you are part of the Shinobi team, let me ask you if there are any other feature gaps between the iOS and Android versions I should be aware of? I’m not asking you to badmouth your own product, but I’ll certainly be a happier customer if I’m aware of certain limitations before I’m making a decision to buy.


Hi there,

On top of the features currently offered by the Android version, the iOS version also includes: annotations, animations and additional flexibility for customising the legend and crosshair. The iOS version also offers two additional series types which are step line and bubble.

As my colleague Robin has mentioned, over the next few releases of ShinobiCharts for Android we expect the introduce more features, to bring it more in line with the iOS version. We expect to introduce annotations in the next release which is 1.4.

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Thank you! Sounds good.