Reverse data order for NumberAxis and DateTimeAxis on Android



I have a requirement to be able to have axes in ascending or descending order. It can be String, Dates/DateTime or Numbers.

Data is ordered in the background and dataAdapter is created. For String values (Category axis) it works as expected, but Numerical and Date values are reordered to be ascending. I saw these two posts:


It seems to be possible to find a way around this issue, but I in our case changing data values (e.g. even multiplying by -1) may not be the best; so I wanted to check whether allowing NumberAxis and DateTimeAxis to be displayed in descending order is in the current list of desired features.

I was also wondering of it would be possible to just disable ordering of dates and numbers for NumberAxis and DateTimeAxis and instead order data the way I want, same as I do for CategoryAxis.

Thank you



Thank you for getting in touch. I can advise that at present we have no plans to introduce the functionality to remove or reverse the ordering of tick marks on our Axis classes. So far, this is not a feature that we have been frequently asked for. We do of course base our future development on customer demand and as such, I’ve added an item to our backlog. I cannot of course advise if or when such a feature would become available.
I see that you are familiar with the work arounds which have been suggested previously by my colleague, Pat. Currently these are the recommended options. Is there any specific reason why these are not suitable? Is there any way in which we can help you with this?