Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 5/5X crashing on pages with Shinobi Charts


Hi, on certain device types we’re experiencing crashes on pages where we embed android shinobi charts. The crashes sometimes occur by waiting for chart data to load and sometimes the crashes occur when LEAVING or RETURNING to the charts page. Could you guys provide some insight on this?

Crash on Samsung Galaxy Nexus, android 4.2:

D/dalvikvm: Trying to load lib /data/app-lib/com.yy.yyyyy.yyyy.debug-1/ 0x41540090
D/dalvikvm: Shared lib ‘/data/app-lib/com.yy.yyyyy.yyyy.debug-1/’ already loaded in same CL 0x41540090
I/System.out: Thread[ 508]: DEBUG - CookieDatabase:addCookie: Adding cookie [version: 0][name: 2165%5F0][value: 5825FA647C607C4B1110938EAC09B214893B6CE42B9E68117C34646D1D21A2D1][domain:][path: /][expiry: null]
I/System.out: Thread[ 508]: DEBUG - CookieDatabase:addCookie: Adding cookie [version: 0][name: 2165_0][value: 5825FA647C607C4B1110938EAC09B214893B6CE42B9E68117C34646D1D21A2D1][domain:][path: /][expiry: null]
A/libc: /Volumes/Android/buildbot/src/android/ndk-r12-release/ndk/sources/cxx-stl/llvm-libc++abi/libcxxabi/src/abort_message.cpp:74: void abort_message(const char , …): assertion "terminating with uncaught exception of type char const" failed
A/libc: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1), thread 31881 (Thread-510)

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May I please ask - what version of shinobicharts are you using? It’s just that in later versions of the library, some issues which sound similar to yours, were resolved.
Looking forward to your response.


Hi Kai,
Thanks for the reply. We are using version 1.9.0-3. Are there known limitations / bug fixes etc. in this version that we should know about? Do you suggest using a different version?


The version of shinobicharts which you are using is indeed the latest one, thanks for letting us know. May I please ask, does your app use any native code? In the stack trace which you have provided, I notice a reference to ‘ndk-r12-release’. shinobicharts uses native code and one of the changes we made to resolve such crashes was to compile our native code using ndk-r13-release. shinobicharts version 1.9.0-3 does indeed use native code compiled with the later ndk version. These crashes are a known issue with ndk-r12. If you are using native code in your app which has been compiled using ndk-r12, it would be worth trying to recompile using the later ndk version to see if this resolves the issue.


Hi Kai,
to add to this, our team is experiencing the same issue. We are using the 1.9.0-3 release, and also see the ndk-r12-release message, we do not have any other ndk usage aside from Shinobi. This crash is happening on Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P5210, running 4.4.2.

Has anyone looked into this since this has been reported?


Hello - thanks for the update.
May I please ask, have you downloaded the Android NDK and if so, which version is it? I do of course, appreciate that you do not have any additional NDK usage in your app. That said, if you have downloaded the NDK, could you please ensure it is up to date? The reason that I ask is there is a slim chance that simply building your app in an environment that is using an older NDK could cause this issue. I appreciate that this is indeed a long shot but I’d certainly like to rule this out.