Scatter chart on Android


Hi there,

Do you have any example to create scatter chart on Android?  I suppose that just replace LineSeries by ScatterSeries in the ShinobiQuickStart project but don’t see such class. I searched on forum and found scatter chart on iOS only.

Binh Nguyen


Hello Binh,

Thanks for getting in touch.

ShinobiCharts for Android does not offer a specific Scatter series object for you to use. You could however represent a scatter chart using a LineSeries object, as our chart allows the drawing of data points in any order, anywhere on the plot area.

To represent the scatter therefore, we recommend you use a LineSeries object and ensure to enable the visibility of the points. Furthermore, you may wish to disable the visibility of the line. This can be done via:

(The points)

(The line)

We hope you find this information helpful, please get back in touch if you need any further assistance.




Perfect! Thanks Kai. :grin: