SChartAnnotation, advanced customization


Is there any option or advices to create a custom SChartAnnotation bubble view or something, i was trying to reach a result like the attached screen

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Hi Fouad,

Our SChartAnnotations are just a subclass of UIView, so you can create any annotation you like including the one in your image.

For more information on our annotations, see our Annotations sample in your Shinobi download.

One thing I would say, is it looks a lot like our SChartSeriesCrosshair we’ve built into the chart.

To see our series crosshair in action assign one to your chart like so:

chart.crosshair = [SChartSeriesCrosshair new];

Then enable the crosshair on your series like so:

series.crosshairEnabled = YES;

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Andrew Polkinghorn.


What is the Swift equivalent for this line --> chart.crosshair = [SChartSeriesCrosshair new];
The SChartSeriesCrosshair class has no initializer method.


Hi RC51,

Our SChartSeriesCrosshair can be initialised in Swift like so:

chart.crosshair = SChartSeriesCrosshair()

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn.