SChartAxis.DataValueForPixelValue() return type in Xamarin bindings



Shouldn’t the SChartAxis.DataValueForPixelValue(nfloat px) method return an NSObject instead of an nfloat?
The native implementation is returning an Id and PixelValueForDataValue method is using an NSObject as input…

Currently I am using my own binding returning an NSObject and it looks fine.




  • ShinobiChart.DataSource should be an ISChartDataSource and not an SChartDataSource (as it is a protocol)
  • ShinobiChart.Delegate should be an ISChartDelegate and not an SChartDelegate (as it is a protocol)



Hi Guillaume,

You are correct - some aspects of our bindings could do with an update and we have a task to fix this. Apologies for this but glad to hear you can workaround it.

I’ll make a note to update this forum post when this fix goes out so you don’t have to create your own bindings.