SChartAxis - yAxis title on top of the Axis or in the plotting area


I am using Shinobi Charts Premium v 2.5.6. Is there a possibility to move the yAxis title to not occupy so much space oi the left and leave it for the chart (e.g. for it to be just on top of the yAxis or on Top but in the plotting area?


Hey Okipol,

You certainly can - you can move the title by adjusting the axis.titleLabel.frame property as you see fit - note that the chart won’t reserve space for the title if you alter this frame, so you may have to do this manually by setting chart.xAxis.width to an appropriate value.

Hope this helps!



Prior to this information I have just created a custom label and added it into the layer for annotations (rotated it making use of CGAffinetransformmakerotation). This seems to fiddle with the location of the label as needed (it is inside the layer so I do not need to recalcualte each time the axis label width changes. I do hoever have one more question. Could I remove the existing label from superview and add it manually to the mentioned layer for annotations so that I do not have to recreate the existing label unneceserally?