SChartCategoryAxis and "duplicate" datapoints


I have a datasource that contains data points that have the same value for one axis.  For example my Y-axis is users’ names and the X-axis is number of open items.  My system allows duplicate user names so I can have 2 data points with the same name “John Doe” (sChartYValue) that represent 2 distinct users with different open item values (sChartXValue.)

I am using SChartCategoryAxis for the Y-axis in this case.  I find that things are getting thrown off because the SChartCategoryAxis is removing duplicates based on sChartYValue I’m returning from my data point object.

Is there a way to have an axis that is like  SChartCategoryAxis but does not remove duplicates?  I can make my own subclass of SChartAxis but what would I have to implement to match most of the behavior of SChartCategoryAxis?

Thanks in advance.