SChartColumnSeries With Striped Color


Hi! I wonder whether there is way to customized SChartColumnSeries to support striped color for each coloumn. I have tried using UIColor with pattern image, but it does not work. Here is my code = [UIColorcolorWithPatternImage:[UIImageimageNamed:@“striped_left_blue.png”]];


Greetings Program!

You won’t be able to use colorWithPatternImage for the column fill color; you’ll need to set the colors in the bar to the UIColor of whatever colors made up the stripes image. Each bar has a left color (areaColor) and the right gradient color (areaColorGradient): = [UIColor lightGrayColor]; = [UIColor darkGrayColor];



I needed to add vertical gradients to a column series and in the end just added them as annotations. It worked fine. Might be useful to you.


Hi Scott,

I have noted your interest for this feature and added this forum post to our Awaiting Component Release list.

We will update this post when a version of ShinobiCharts containing this feature has been released.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn