SChartDateTimeAxis problem


I have an Axis set as a SChartDateTimeAxis, and it contains 3 items, at 3 different dates. 

7-23-15 x 2 items and a 3rd item 8-03-15.  It places the first 2 items beside each other, but then it places the 3rd item way at the other side of the chart.  I was wondering what I might be missing.  If I set the axis to a SChartCategoryAxis is will show the chart with just 3 items.  I am not sure why the date time axis causes so much space to appear.

Here is a screenshot of the issue:

chart example

Thanks for any help.


Hi Gymlete,

This is expected behaviour on a column series, and is due to having small dataset with a large range between the minimum and maximum datapoints.

In this case, the chart evaluates the maximum width of the columns it can display without overlapping. Due to two datapoint x value’s being close together (2015-07-23) the columns have to be fairly thin in order to avoid a collision.

I’d recommend using an SChartDiscontinuousDateTimeAxis (please note this is a premium feature) which would enable you to remove the whitespace by skipping a date range, for example, 2015-07-24 to 2015-08-02. Our TimeSeries sample project demonstrates how to use the discontinuous axis if you’d like a bit more detail as to how it should be used.

I hope that helps explain it.

Kind regards,



That worked perfectly.  I happoen to own the premium package.  Took a little bit of playing, but I got it sorted once you pointed me in the right direction.

Thanks for the help.



No problem - glad you got it working!