I’m confused about the major ticks/labels that are automatically being put on the SChartDateTimeAxis. For instance. When you’re on a level/zoom where dates are shown e.g. “3. Aug”, “4. Aug”, “5. Aug” and so on - on the axis. I would assume “3. Aug” would mean 3. Aug 00:00 (midnight). But it dosen’t.

This feels very strange, that a day is not the beginning of the day - but some random place in the day? Is this really by design, or am I overlooking something?

This is a vanilla SChartDateTimeAxis x-axis (and shinobicharts 2.3). I’ve not done any fiddling with the ticks/grid/labels etc. myself.

Thanks so much.


Hi 925dk, I think you want to look at the anchorPoint property on your SChartAxis -he tick marks are calculated from this anchor point. By default this anchor point is your dataRange.minimum.

Hope this helps!



Thanks appreciated. Will play around with that.