SChartDelegate for Android


Whats the equivalent way of getting user taps for the Android charts?


Hi motleybunch

SChartDelegate in the iOS version provides a multitude of callback method signatures, but I guess you’re asking about the set of toggledSelectionFor… methods?

At present, the Android version doesn’t support selection. We’ve released the initial version with a minimal API sufficient to cover the simple use cases, and plan to add features to bring it up to the  level of the iOS version incrementally, over a number of fairly frequent releases - the Early Bird pricing reflects this. We’ve had a few people asking for selection, so it’s fairly well up our feature backlog, but isn’t done yet.

It’s worth pointing out that the delegate object is very much an iOS/Objective C idiom, and that we’ll probably do the Android API in a rather more Java-familiar style, and break SChartDelegate down into several smaller more focused interfaces.

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Robin Sillem


Would it be possible to get some idea on the priority list / your expected timeline to reach feature parity with iOS implementation?

Some equivalent to getting the user input will be a deciding point to use Shinobi charts for us as we want to pan and zoom to trigger data loading for the chart. We currently use Shinobi Charts for our iOS so were hoping to keep with the same library for Android - but our Android app is now pretty much ready for release pending these features.


Hi BTim,

The priority list is somewhat flexible at present, as we’re basically being driven by requests such as these. Our next release will include bar charts, legends and axis styling. In the release following that we’ll be doing selection and crosshairs, with releases following on a roughly monthly schedule. It’s a little hard to project when feature parity with the iOS version will complete, as the iOS feature set is something of a moving target itself, and each customer has his or her own definition of completeness. That said, we’re about a third of the way through our total backlog of 150 user stories.

In the specific case you refer to there may be some room for manoeuvre. If ALL you need is a notification callback when pan or zoom occurs this could be a relatively quick piece of work that could be fitted in between the larger features mentioned above. If on the other hand, this is one item in a longer list, this would not be possible. I’d suggest you email us direct at to discuss it further if you wish.


An update on pan/zoom notification callbacks. I’ve taken a look at this, and we should be able to get it into the forthcoming V1.1 release.