sChartDidFinishZooming: called incorrectly with double tap gesture


If you perform a double-tap gesture on the chart and gestureDoubleTapEnabled is enabled, the -sChartDidFinishZooming: delegate method is called immediately after the gesture is complete instead of after the zoom animation has finished decellerating. This is actually pretty disasterous. Is there a known workaround, or is there a bug fix for this that will be released soon?


Hi jwilling,

Thanks for reporting this - it does sound like a bug, I’ll look into it.



@Simon has this been resolved? We are having a lot of trouble with double tap to reset zoom when 1000+ data points are present. Thanks


Hi Crayfellow,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Unfortunately, this issue still persists in our charting framework.

We prioritise our bug fixes using a nuber of factors and one of the bigger factors is popularity.

Due to the lack of popularity around this issue it hasn’t gained much momentum for us to warrant prioritising it over more urgent work.

However, We recently refactored a lot of code in this area to make our gestures easier for users to access and customise and I can say the next release will include a fix for this issue.

It is too early to give out any firm release dates at the moment so keep an eye out for our comms for when we do release the next version of ShinobiCharts.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn