SChartLineSeries date axe values, get current date



I was looking around for a method to get all dates values from x axe then draw a line on the current date. Im coding using objective c, screen is attached
Note: the x dates array doesn’t include the current date, it include only the month and a day and a year, but its range includes my current date …

Thanks a lot


Hi Fouad,

You can get each data point’s X-value from the “dataPoints” array on your series’ “dataSeries” object. Using the SChartData protocol you can access each data point’s X-Value using the “sChartXValue” property.

To get a line on today’s date you can use our annotations feature. To see an example of this feature we have a AddingAnnotations sample which can be found inside the Samples folder of your Shinobi download.

More information on our annotations feature can be found here.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn.