SChartLineSeries,Gradient Color


Hi All,

1.Can this kind of gradient line be implemented?

2.Can Y axis display string? Or just numbers and date?

3.Can different points show different colors?

4.Can the distance between every points on X axis be the same?



Hi Haley,

  1. We only provide multi-stop gradients to the fill section of our series & not the line itself. It can still be done with our SChartBandSeries along with our multi-stop gradients feature that can be found in our Advanced Charting Kit framework (ACK). There is a sample that shows our multi-stop gradients inside our ACK download which can be found in our trial download or on our customer portal.

  2. Yes. Using the image provided you would still want a number axis. To achieve the text in the image you could hide all your Y-axis tick marks and add text annotations using our SChartAnnotation class. This is also how you would add the dashed line.

  3. Yes. You can subclass our SChartLineSeries and override our “styleForPoint:” method to return different point colours for each data point.

  4. Yes. You can use our SChartCategoryAxis as your X-axis.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn.