SChartPointStyle gradient property has gone missing


In the documentation for SChartPointStyle it states: " You can also add a gradient to a point, so that it fades as you move out from its center."  (cited from  Note that is from the docs for version 2.5.1.  However in the same docs there is no property called ‘gradient’, not even one that says ‘deprecated’, yet in the version of the docs for 2.1.1 the property is listed there (  So it looks like this was meant to be deprecated but was just deleted completely from the framework, instead.  Code that references, for example, line1.pointStyle.gradient will now throw an error rather than a warning as the property is not found at all.  

By the way I ran into this issue while updating sample theme code sent from the ShinobiPlay app’s theme builder.  Is there any plan to update the ShinobiPlay app to produce current code (it doesn’t currently compile as there are a ton of errors)?  Themebuilder would be a really handy feature if it were updated.



Hi Abunur,

I think you’re right. This property was just simply removed without deprecation. We’ve tightened up our release process since that iteration and we will definitely be deprecating any properties we plan to remove from our API (where possible). I apologise - this shouldn’t happen again.

With regards to ShinobiPlay, we are aware of this and are hoping to get it up to date soon.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.