SChartSelectionPoint doesn't use selectedStyle like SChartSelectionSeries


If I set the selectionMode to SChartSelectionSeries, then tapping any column in my chart shows the series in the selected style. If I set the selectionMode to SChartSelectionPoint, then tapping only gives me the feedback that the point is selected via the chart:toggledSelectionForPoint:inSeries:atPixelCoordinate, but doesn’t show that point in the selected style.

Is this a bug or how it works?

My goal is to have that point show as selected and also show a popover with more detail like the ShinobiExperience Olympic games medals chart. If there is sample code showing the best way to customize the tooltip to use a UIPopoverController, I’d love to have a link to that as well. Thanks.


I’m trying to figure out the same problem and can’t get the selectedPointStyle to work on my lineseries. Any help would be appreciated


Hi Anu,

Could you give us a little more information about the issue that you are having? I tested this quickly and it seemed to work fine.

I turned on point selection like so:

lineSeries.selectionMode = SChartSelectionPoint;

Then I set up my line series so that the points would become unselected when they were tapped: = NO;
    lineSeries.selectedStyle.pointStyle.showPoints = YES;

When I tapped a point, the point disappeared as specified by the selectedStyle object.

Jan Akerman


Hi Jan,

Thanks for the reply. I have two lineseries and on selection I’m adding a vertical line annotation in toggledSelectionForPoint as per our design needs. In that case, the selectedStyle doesn't seem to work at all. I tried quickly with your example and I don't see the same behavior as you do. I see none of the selectedstyle work on my iOS7 ipad device. Is it working for you on iOS7?

Also, I was wondering if I hide/show an image in the tickmarkview on selection?




Hi Jan,

Never mind I spoke too soon, I wasn’t initializing selectedPointStyle and didn’t realize its nil by default. Once I initialized it works fine. 

Another question, I have two line series and how do I make points on both series selected at the same time? Basically, my chart has 2 y values sharing the same x value and I’m representing them as two series. I want to display both points as selected for a given X Value.