Scrolling and zooming chart with no data


Bear with me, I know this sounds a bit crazy.

Here’s my use case: I have a bunch of charts side by side that are supposed to be displaying the same Y axis intervals. Sometimes some of the charts may be empty. I’m setting the default range on the Y axis so they do display the same interval. However, when scrolling or zooming one of the empty charts, it doesn’t get refreshed (but the other charts do). All charts are linked together to display the same interval via setOnAxisRangeChangeListener. Interestingly, I think internally everything gets set properly, as all the other charts do scroll and zoom properly when applying gestures to the empty chart (which remains “frozen”).

I validated this is the issue by manually calling redraw chart for empty charts when syncing the display range and that is working properly. It seems there’s some sort of optimization going on when the chart is empty and calling requestCurrentDisplayedRange.


Hello Radu,

Thank you for getting in touch.

We are not aware of any issue with the panning or zooming of an empty chart. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will attempt to recreate the scenario which you describe and let you know what we find in due course.

In the meantime if you need any further help please get back in touch.

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Hello Radu,

Just to let you know that I have sent you an email explaining things a little further.