Scrolling back(History)



In project i am working now , i have to display only part from all data , say 300 from 1000 points , and display chart on half of chart.

But with options to scroll back to see other 700 points , is it possible to do with ShinobiCharts , i cant find any example to something close to it.

Please link me something close to it , or explain how it can be done with ShinobiCharts , i need it for ios , but for android it actual too.

Thanks for any help.

Update : I have to go foward and back like in tutorial building shinoby range selector

but the problem i need to add points in real time , from shinobi sample i have to use in :


but if i use it i cant zoom,pant or scroll .( The some with reloadData)

Without thouse functions i am scrolling back and foward , and zoom working . 


Hi basconje,

You have to disable your axis’ autoCalulateRange property to NO when you detect the user is panning or zooming.

This will allow the user to pan and zoom your data when your chart is constantly appending data.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn.