Series CrossHairToolTip issue


we are using SeriesCrossHair.when we click on datapoint showing the tooltip.In tooltip label showing yvalue as integer.but we are getting floatvalues from response.

I’ve uploaded the screenshot and in the tooltip it shows date and value, but the value is supposed to be float value in this case it is 15.58 in the response, which should be float. But i do not get float values.

Could please suggest on this issue.

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Could someone help me with this issue. I’m unable to display float values.


Hi skr,

By default the tooltip uses the number formatter from the relevant axis to convert the value to a string. In this case as the axis is formatting its tick values to 0 decimal places, the values in the tooltip do likewise.

The simplest way to format the y-values to 2 decimal places would be to set the labelFormatString property on the y-axis, so it displays values in the format you want. However, this would also affect the tick labels on the axis.

The other option would be to subclass SChartSeriesCrosshairTooltip to override setDataPoint:fromSeries:fromChart: to set the label text yourself: that way you can control how the numbers are formatted.




Hi Alison,

Thanks for you suggestion on how to fix the issue i have been facing. I could figure that out based upon your reply i fixed my issue. Now I’m able to display the float values.
The image shows the screen after the issue has been fixed.

Thanks for the help on fixing the issue.