SEssentials 2.5.0 Build Error - "The argument is invalid"


Shinboi folks,

I can’t get the new 2.5.0 examples or my app to install to a real iOS device. Hopefully it’s something on my end, but not even the included examples will install. During the copy process to the device, the copy process gets up to “CopyingFile Nunito-Regular.ttf” and then XCODE throws “The argument is invalid.”

If I remove the ShinobiEssentials.bundle file from the project, it builds and installs and starts to run, but without the bundle in the project, the app crashes.

Any ideas why the examples or a real-world app can’t install to a device without XCODE 5 throwing “The argument is invalid.” when hitting the “Nunito-Regular.ttf” file in the bundle? I’ve looked, and I’m not including this file anywhere else.

If I go back to the Suite version in 2.4.0 I can build and install just fine.


The problem seems to be that the ShinobiEssentials.bundle contains a symlink to itself. If you open up the ShinobiEssentials.bundle in the finder, and delete the ShinobiEssentials.bundle symlink, it should all work.


Thanks! That seemed to fix it!