SEssentials 2.6.1 - Hundreds of Warnings


Hi Shinobi Folks,

Just built with the new 2.6.1 and there are still hundreds of warnings in the build output:

“warning: (armv7) /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Shinobi iOS - Essentials - Release/BuildOutput/checkout/Framework/build/ unable to open object file”

This was present in 2.6.0 and looks like it’s still in 2.6.1. I’ve cleaned my build and they are still popping up. The FlowLayout appears to work fine, but all these warnings makes for a lot of build noise to wade through.

Much appreciated if you can take a look at this and silence them or explain what benefit we should see in our debugging with these turned on.



Hi Wes,

We’ve tracked down the setting responsible for these warnings, so expect them to be removed in future releases. Apologies for the inconvenience.



Thanks Tom, much appreciated.



Hi guys,

The issue has now been fixed as of ShinobiEssentials 2.6.2!

For those of you with ShinobiCare, the new version should be available in the Portal, otherwise the new version is available from the trial download.


Thanks Tom!