SEssentialsSlidingOverlay & TableViewController


Hi Shinobi Team,

i saw your great SEssentialsSlidingOverlay control and i further investigated it for usage in our application. Unfortunately we rely on a deep TableViewController hierarchy and i am wondering if there is any chance to use this control with a tableview controller. Changing the tableview controllers view hierarchy does not seem to be a good idea at all and doesn’t work after a few tries. Furthermore the control comes with a custom toolbar and can not use existing navigation bars for example.

We somehow would need the opposite direction like having the sliding menu connected to a view controller etc.

This is quite a different approach but i would like to ask if there are any plans in this direction ? 

Thanks for your help & time,


PS: I also had a look at your SEssentialsFlowLayout control and we are already using that one. Are there any plans to extend this layout to a full grid layout with different heights of elements etc ?