SEssentialsTabbedView shadow on border


Hi, Is there any way (on iOS7 devices specifically) to remove the shadow on the top border of a SEssentialsTabbedView?
I’ve tried setting the theme.ShadowDepth to 0 and the theme.ShadowColor to White/Clear without success.
I have screen grabs (from an iOS7 device + the simulator) if you need to see where/what I mean.


Hi Stuart,

The Theme is now only used to populate the style originally, and is not used after it is applied. Instead of the theme, you will generally want to interact through the itself.

However in this case, the shadow is part of bar image itself. If you copy the “bar.png” and “bar@2x.png” from within the ShinobiEssentials.bundle, and modify them to remove the shadow, you can use your new custom image by creating an SEssentialsTabbedViewCustomImagesWrapper, assigning your new image to the wrapper.tabBackgroundImage, then creating your tab style as

[[SEssentialsTabbedViewStyle alloc] initWithTheme:[SEssentialsiOS7Theme new] customImages:wrapper];

This will remove the shadow from your Tabs.

We have now filed a task in our issue tracker to make sure this shadow is removed in future from the iOS7 themes.




Hi Tom,

Thanks for that, I use MonoTouch/Xamarin iOS, but managed to get your suggestion working, although not 100% perfect.
Any idea if the task will be complete for the next release?



Glad to hear that worked!

We intend for it to be part of the next release, although I can’t promise anything at this point. We are working on smaller, more frequent releases though, so even if it isn’t in the next one, you shouldn’t have long to wait before it is.