Setting SGridTextCell to single-touch instead of double-tap


I’m using ShinobiGrid with a C# MonoTouch project. Is there a way to change the SGridTextCell to bring-up the keyboard in response to a single-touch instead of a double-tap for edit?

Thank you,

John K.


Hi jkanalakis,

In the current version the answer is no, unfortunately. However, this will be possible in the next release. 



Lead Developer



Thank you, Robin. Is a workaround possible for this version? For example, in an SGridDelegate-derrived class, get the selected cell, get it’s attached TextField, and make it the first responder? I tried something like this, but it didn’t work. Is there something behind the scenes blocking this from working?

protected void OnSelectingCell(ShinobiGrid grid, SGridCoord gridCoord){
     SGridTextCell currentCell = grid.VisibleCell( gridCoord.Column, gridCoord.Row ) as SGridTextCell;

It just seems that a single touch can set the focus highlight, so it shouldn’t be a stretch to trigger or simulate the “double-tap” event.

Thank you,

John K.