Shinobi chart can't draw candlestick (Blocker)


Hi guys,

Currently i have a problem with Shinobi chart. The chart can not drawing a line or any candlestick if we have: open = high = low = close.
Ex: open = high = low = close = 387.15 -> The chart can’t draw it and will show empty in the chart at this date.

I want if i have a candle with open = high = low = close, we will draw ( - ) line.

So how i can draw a line ( - ) replace for white space? If i have a case above.


Tasumi - may I please ask are you using our iOS or Android charts library?




Thank you for your reply.

I’m use iOS charts library and drawing candlesticks serie.


This is something our API addresses, you’ll be glad to hear - set candlestickSeries.showFlatCandlesticks = YES when you create it and that should solve your problem :slight_smile:


@rippling: Thank you very much. So i have an other problem.

If i have a candlestick with: open = high = close = low = 375.55 (Flat candlestick).
How to custom color for normal candlestick and Flat candlestick.
Currently i set color with my solution but it doesn’t correct. So how to customize candlestick color?

float open = [[point sChartYValueForKey: SChartCandlestickKeyOpen] floatValue];
    float close = [[point sChartYValueForKey: SChartCandlestickKeyClose] floatValue];
    float priorOpen = [[prevPoint sChartYValueForKey: SChartCandlestickKeyOpen] floatValue];
    float priorClose = [[prevPoint sChartYValueForKey: SChartCandlestickKeyClose] floatValue];

    UIColor *color;
    if (close > open) {
        color = [UIColor greenColor];
    else if (close == open) {
        color = (priorClose >= priorOpen) ? [UIColor greenColor] : [UIColor redColor];
    else {
        color = [UIColor redColor];
    newStyle.outlineColor = color;
    newStyle.stickColor = color;




Hello @tasumi and Shinobi Control support,

I’m having the same question as Tasumi previously had. However, after setting set candlestickSeries.showFlatCandlesticks = YES I still can’t see it showing any difference. I’m wondering if I’ll need to customize flat candlestick color? If yes, how can I do that? After checking the API doc what I can find are only rising and falling colors.

Thanks in advance.