Shinobi Chart Can't Pan Left Reliably


We are currently implementing a shinobi chart but for some reason the panGesture that is associated set to the shinobi chart (SChartGesturePanTypePanPinch) doesn’t recognize any pan gestures to the left (ie. that would move the chart forward) on the xAxis. I checked in sChartDidStartPanning and sChartIsPanning and neither are called when the gesture is the to left but work perfectly fine when they are to the right.

So for now, if I want to perform a left panGesture I must first perform a right panGesture and then before lifting my finger, move to the opposite direction.

The code for the chart is fairly substantial and broken up so I don’t know what I would include here specifically, however I can answer questions if required. Are there any areas that could be causing this behaviour to occur? I have these set up too for the xAxis:

xAxis.enableGesturePanning = YES;
xAxis.allowPanningOutOfMaxRange = YES;
xAxis.allowPanningOutOfDefaultRange = YES;

Why/how would it be disabled for one direction only?

Something interested I just found was if you keep doing a left gesture over and over again it will sporadically work and sometimes recognize it (moreso in landscape mode). This however makes me even more confused as the right gesture seems unaffected an just always works.


Hi glynbeard,

This does certainly seem a little odd and isn’t something we’ve come across before.

Are you adding any subviews that may be obsuring the chart? Have you added any of your own UIGestrureRecognizers that may be swallowing the pan gesture?

I appreciate you say your codebase is fairly substantial, however it would be really helpful if you could send in a sample application to, as it’s hard to think what may be causing this issue without a little more information.

Kind regards,