Shinobi chart custom cross hair accesibility



i have implemented the custom cross hair tool tip for my project in ios. i have updated the tool tip to point a vertical line to the x-axis. i also have a label on the top end of the tool tip which displays x- data point value in my case a number.

Issue is the we are making our application accessible and only thing that is not working is the tool tip in the entire application  smiley cry.  Can you please suggest me on how make the custom cross hair accessible. 

I have followed the implementation in this link:

and further customized according to my requirement.

Thanks in advance.


I had to do an hack to resolve the issue, used the ui accesibility annoucement notification to announce the tool tip value to the user


Hi - thanks for letting us know. We’re aware of this and are looking towards improving our accessibilty in the coming few months. Glad you found a workaround in the meanwhile :slight_smile:


Our project uses SChartStepLineSeries and SChartLineSeries, which is completely not compatible to accesibility. Hope your feature release will have a better accessibility. Thanks anyway for the reply.


In the method  for  the crosshair class i have used this code which resolved the issue

setdatapoint:(id<schartdata>)datapoint fromseries:(schartseries *)series fromchart:(shinobichart *)chart{