Shinobi Chart takes away scrolling mechanism


Hi Shinobi Team,

i am using your charts in a scroll view but the problem is that the complete are of the chart including the background can not be used to scroll. The touches are taken away by the chart view i guess. 

Is there any workaround for this ?

Thanks for your help !


Okay, i saw some other threads concerning this topic now. In my case the chart only should have the taps recognized but no scrolling at all. I think this i quite a usual scenario. While it might be questionable to have multiple charts on the iPhone it is very nice to have more of them on a dashboard on the ipad for example. Are you planning to make this a “feature” ?


Hey Tobi,

Per other thread. Jan’s suggestion should solve your problem. :

I see that Jan Akerman posted this work-around if your chart has no scrolling at all:


chart.gesturePanType = SChartGesturePanTypeNone;


If you want something more complicated, I suggest reading that thread more closely.

Good luck!