Shinobi Line Series inperformant !?


Hey there,

i am using shinobichart fpr android to draw a series of Loads on days. On each day, there can be loads between 300 and lets say 1000 footsteps. Now by adding just two days the graph is really really slow and when zooming or sliding through it. With Bar Series there is no performance problem at all. I tried with accelerating the hardware in android but it still didnt help. 

Is there a trick or do i neet to wait for an update to use Line Series well?

The device is a Samsung Galaxy S4, which should take it to show a simple Line Series

Addition: I use a CategoryAxis on the X-Axis.


Hi psmoke,

This isn’t a problem we’re aware of - our charts can quite happily handle tens of thousands of data points when panning and zooming. And I’m not sure why you’re only seeing the problem with the LineSeries.

Would it possible for you to send a sample app that demonstrates this problem to This will allow us to investigate the problem further and to see if there is some issue within our library causing the poor performance.

Kind regards,