Shinobi samples are not running for android



I tried executing the Shinobi android samples but its source code is showing “The import com.shinobicontrols.chart cannot be resolved.”

Please help.

Thanks and regards,

Bhavya Bharti


Hi Bhavya,

Firstly, thanks for trying out our ShinobiCharts for Android CTP!

It sounds like it might be that the XML resources haven’t been compiled and so aren’t being recognised. Doing the following should get the sample app up and running:

  1. Import the ShinobiCharts for Android library into your Eclipse workspace as a separate Android project and specify it as a library project (see Importing ShinobiCharts for Android into Eclipse in the Getting Started PDF included with the download)
  2. After importing the HelloLineChart app (for example) into Eclipse as a separate Android project, tell it to use the library project you previously imported (see Check Out the Sample Projects also in the Getting Started PDF)
  3. Clean and re-build both projects (again, see Check Out the Sample Projects ) - sometimes you have to do this a few times to kick-start the Android Developer Tools into recompiling all the XML resources

If after following the steps in the Getting Started guide you still can’t get the sample app running then please do get back in touch.

It’s very important to point out that this is simply a preview of what our Android charting library will be capable of. The API is not finalised and will definitely change in any future releases. As a consequence, if you were to code against it now, it will break with future versions of our library.

Once again, thanks for downloading the CTP; we’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

Kind regards,