Shinobi support has gone AWOL?


So I have a recently purchased one-year support agreement and I went to download the latest 2.2 release through the customer portal and a few things happened:

  1. My password stopped working even though it had not been changed.

  2. I figured no problem, I’ll just use password reset.  Except that after multiple times, I got nothing–not in my spam filter or anything else even though I know the email address was correct.

  3. I sent in MULTIPLE support requests through the web and email for assistance that have gone completely unanswered for several business days.

This is now starting to have a major impact on my project.  I hate to put this here but I have literally no other escalation path besides going to talk to Scott Logic directly about this.  Anybody have any suggestions?  We’ve got WWDC coming up and I was kind of hoping to be singing the praises of a lot of the Shinobi libraries for some data intensive app projects but if I don’t get any resolution on this soon the opposite is going to happen.  I am not a large developer–this was a signifcant outlay of capital that while totally justified is certainly NOT justified if I can’t access what I paid for and can’t get a single response from a Shinobi rep.  

I hope someone here can help but for shame Shinobi for screwing the pooch on this so dramatically.  You could have at least dropped me a line to tell me to screw off–that would have at least been SOMETHING.


Hi John,

Thanks for posting!  I’m really sorry you’ve not been getting a response from our support team.  I just checked the records and they did in fact send you a reply to both of your queries within a few hours of receiving them, so I suspect the emails must be getting trapped somewhere along the way?  I’ve had a check with our systems team and the mails definitely left our mail server on their way to you.

I’ve just reset your portal password again just for good measure and you should receive a new email with the new password but do let me know if you still don’t get it.  Unfortunately i have no way to get your password as we store it hashed so I can only have the system email it to you, but if that’s not reaching you then we’ll need to find another solution.  For the short term, I’m assuming you were looking for the latest versions of the components?  If this round of resets doesn’t work then we’ll find another way to get the components too you in the short term.





I just dug a little deeper and we do seem to be getting error messages when sending emails to your stated email account.  We’re getting connection timed out messages from your mail account.  Could I ask you to please send us a direct email to so we can make sure we have the right email address for you?