ShinobiChart on non-native AppleWatch app


Let’s say I wanted to show a ShinobiChart in my non-native AppleWatch app using the watch extension running in iOS. Would I just place a ShinobiChart into a view matching the dimensions of the watch and then do a -[UIView drawViewHierarchyInRect:afterScreenUpdates:] ? Would this work without ever actually rendering the chart on-screen?


Hi Jscalo,

We’ll be release a blog post in the next few days that run through how you can create a ShinobiChart on the AppleWatch. Keep an eye on our blogs page:



Hi - the blog post I mentioned has now been released! Here’s the link:



Thanks Jan! That was very informative and inline with what I was thinking.

One bit of feedback: Apple says that file coordination via NSFilePresenter and the like is not safe to use between processes. (See: That’s because NSFilePresenter isn’t (yet) capable of dealing with process suspensions. If the app working with a file gets jetsamed, hits the memory threshold, or crashes, it will leave the lock on the file and other apps will deadlock trying to access it. Instead, Apple recommends using atomic saves for flat files.


Thanks for the info - I’ll pass that on to Chris!