ShinobiChart Performance Issues


Hello there,

iam currently evaluating shinobicharts for our application and iam running into some performance issues quite quickly.

Iam using a thread for measurement, which fires over the viewmodel a event in my activity and delivers the data to it. It was working fine with another chart component, but this one is lacking the features iam quite interested in, so shinobicharts would be the prefered option. I basically just set up a ChartView, added two axes, added a adapter with a lineseries and then just keep adding new datapoints with the event (around 5-10) each time the event fires, so it goes up quite quickly to around 200-300 data points and rapidly slows down from there till my application freezes.

Is this because iam using the trial version at the moment? Or are there still issues in combination with xamarin?
If it should work i could provide some code snippets, though it is basically just leaned on the examples except the event which gets fired and adds the data points.


Dustin Baron


Hi Dustin.

Thanks for the contact. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering performance issues when using shinobicharts  with Xamarin. We certainly do not restrict performance in our trial version, so I suspect there is some other reason for this. If possible could you please contact support at, ideally including a sample app and / or code sample and we will do our best to help!