ShinobiChart rounding floats down



I´m making a bar chart with data, all good there. My problem is that this data consists of float number, these are getting set to the datapoint but when the chart is drawn it shows a rounded down number. So if it was 3.43 the chart shows 3. The data range is set from 0 - 4. I would like the chart to show the actual value.

Any help is much appritiated.



Could you tell me a little more about the setup of your chart? What type of axes are you using and what axis (x or y) does the error occcur on?

A screenshot will help unerstand it better too :slight_smile:




After looking at this for two more days I found out that a % was added to the data, because of this the number was not formatted correctly and became the rounded down number instead. My mistake.


No problem - answer found :slight_smile: