ShinobiCharts ,CategorysAxis (android)


Currently I am trying out the ShinobiCharts for android. I am hoping that they will meet the requirements for the App the company I work at is making.

i have few questions

1)i trying to use Category Axis to represent data and i have many categories and what happened it’s that labels of categories overlap one on each other.

if exist way to resolve such problem such as reduce number of labels in x Axis . or other way. ?

  1. if exist way to add clickListener to xaxis labels. ?

  2. if posisble to change CrosshairListener to diplay custom text and not from xAxis data ?



Hi Constantin,

Great to hear you’re interested in using ShinobiCharts for Android!

In answer to questions 1) and 3), we are currently working on further customisation options for both tick marks and the crosshair which should enable you to achieve the desired effect. While I cannot give definite timescales at this point in time, we’re hoping to include these features in our upcoming release, v1.5, which is provisionally scheduled for early to mid June. 

In the meantime, for question 1) you may find altering some of the style settings for the category axis’ tick marks, such as text size and orientation, will help lessen the amount of overlapping.

With regards to 2) there isn’t currently a way to add click listeners to axis labels. For performance reasons we actually favour drawing the labels straight onto the canvas rather than representing them as individual TextViews. We do, however, currently provide a general gesture listener for the chart (ShinobiChart.OnGestureListener) which can hook into single touch events, for example. In combination with this and our upcoming tick mark customisation enhancements you should hopefully have the flexibility you need to achieve your desired behaviour.

Kind regards,



Hi Constantin,

Just to let you know we’ve now released v1.5 of ShinobiCharts for Android. This includes a number of tick mark customisation options which should help with your questions - for example, you could use the new OnTickMarkUpdateListener to hide every other tick on your CategoryAxis. I wrote an accompanying blog post for the release which demonstrates using these new features.

We weren’t able to get tooltip customisation into this release, however, we plan to put out another release in the next couple of weeks that will include this feature.

Kind regards,



Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know we’ve now released ShinobiCharts for Android v1.5.1 which adds functionality for customising the tooltip.

If you’ve got an up-to-date support package the download will be available in the Customer Portal. You can also download a trial.

Kind regards,