ShinobiCharts - Donut series plot area [iOS]


Hi all,

in a view controller (think of an iPad landscape layout) I’m displaying 3 charts (one beside the other) with a donut series each and their legend displayed on bottom middle, outside the plot area; the views containing the charts are of the same size.

Each chart shows up to 5 values, so when they have the same number of values all the donuts and legends appear perfectly aligned with each other.
The problem is that when one of the charts has fewer values, the legend takes a smaller vertical space therefore making the donut appear lower than the others.

Is there a way to fix the plot area to a certain size? My goal would be making all the donuts and legends appear aligned regardless of the number of values for each series.



I’ve seen you’ve already found a solution on StackOverflow but I’ll post this here in case anybody else has the same question: