ShinobiCharts iOS 2.7 breaks custom tooltip


The 2.7 release breaks my custom tooltip. In my “SChartCrosshairTooltip" method “setDataPoint:fromSeries:fromChart:" I have this:

[chart.xAxis stringForId: [dataPoint sChartXValue]]

This used to return the correct date from a “SChartDateTimeAxis" x-axis.

With 2.7 it returns very wrong dates. The date shown in my custom tooltip thus no longer matches the actual value on the x-axis.

Any hints?


Got this response from Shinobi support.

This is a regression due to work which begins removal of the SChartInternalDatapoint class. The datapoint you see is double-transformed from the chart's internal representation, and as a temporary workaround, you can use something like this:

Ensure this is visible from your setDataPoint:fromSeries:fromChart: method:

@interface SChartAxis ()

Alter your x-value like so:

- (void)setDataPoint:(id<SChartData>)dataPoint
fromSeries:(SChartSeries *)series
fromChart:(ShinobiChart *)chart
id fixedXValue = [NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSince1970:
[[chart.xAxis transformValueToInternal:
[dataPoint sChartXValue]] doubleValue]];


Hope this helps :)
I'll let you know when we have a bugfix release out that resolves this.


We spent hours trying to determine what we were doing wrong with the 2.7.0 version and only just now bumped into this post.

You need to better document regression issues in new versions. Maybe even big red text should be added to the release information whenever something so obviously broken is found.


I agree, that is the least they could do. And this is not the first time a release breaks stuff - actually it seem quite common. It seems they either don’t test (?!) - or have very poor test coverage. And still (!) there is no official fix for this issue. I am holding my “license renewal” until things improve. Getting very tired of basic stuff just not implemented - or not working.

My guess is, they are refactoring “tons of” fundamental stuff in their library. And that is probably a good thing. But that is no excuse to existing paying customers.

Also tired of the ridiculous long forum loading times, lots of advertising and buzz-dev-talk (on twitter, blogs, email etc.), missing/delayed support email and forum responses, deprecated documentation and infrequent offical releases/bug-fixes.

For me there is just gap between “what is being promised to the customer” (or the product price) and “what is being delivered”. I hope they will manage to bridge this gap, as parts of their core product _is_ cool (e.g. for us, in theory, it’s fantastic with a native multi-platform slick-looking charting library). But so far, not so good.


As it happens we were just in the final throws of releasing a fix for this!  It’s now available in the CRM as 2.7.1

925dk - We’re sorry that you feel our customer service and the quality of our products has not been up to the high standards that we strive for. We’re constantly aiming to improve our product features and API, largely based on the great feedback we receive.  In the long term we hope this is a good thing for our customers, but unfortunately, despite extensive testing, a couple of regressions have made it through.  We do have to prioritise the work that we do, meaning that sometimes certain improvements take us longer to get to than others, but we will take your comments on board and make sure we’re getting the balance right.

jordan-ev - Please accept our apologies for having to spend time trying to track down our regression in your code.  We’re going to take your suggestion of somehow communicating known regressions on board and see if there is an effective way to implement this. 

Going forward, we are looking to be more pro-active with shorter release cycles, but this does incur an overhead and we need to make sure we get a better balance going forward.


Thank you very much for your reply, and for the new release.


The sad part is that their trial download is still 2.7.0 (even 3 weeks after this “bugfix” release).

I am doing an evaluation of ShinobiCharts, and I have been struggling with this issue for many hours before finding this post.



The 2.7.3 release of ShinobiCharts has been released and I have just checked the trial download and it has been updated to the latest release.

Can I get you try downloading the trial again?

Also check that XCode isn’t caching an older framework as we found this is quite a common use case.
This can be done by checking the VERSION.txt file included in the download.

Please let me know if you are still seeing an older framework with the latest download.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn


The containing ZIP file was still named shinobi-suite-2.7. 0 (which matches the original download I had a few weeks ago).

It looks like most of the enclosed ZIP files have been updated to newer versions, regardless of the “versioning” of the outer ZIP file.

I stopped when I saw the version number in the ZIP (should have dug further I guess). Thanks for the quick response.