ShinobiCharts(iOS) display axis tick labels in multiple lines


Hello. I need to  display horisontal axis tick labels in multiple lines. Axis is type of SChartNumberAxis.  In delegate method OnAddingTickMark i have tried this:

tickMark.TickLabel.Lines = 0;

tickMark.TickLabel.LineBreakMode = UIKit.UILineBreakMode.WordWrap;

This has no effect. Also i’v tried manually change Frame and Bounds of tickMark.TickLabel. Unfortunatly this has no affect too, labels comes always in single line.

Please help me which way is correct to show tick labels in multiple lines. ShinobiCharts ver 2.8.0


I have the same issue and posted on this already. It seems that it was possible prior to the latest version.

See my post:


On ver 2.7.3 code from above works perfect. The same code on ver 2.8.0 does not works.


Hi Sergey,

I’ve added a response to camsoft’s forum post with a workaround which you may wish to use until we get the fix released  smiley lol