ShinobiCharts Quick Start Guide notes


Hi guys, 

I’m starting my “get-to-know-ShinobiControls-again” journey starting from scratch and right after downloading my copy of the framework I jumped into the QSG. Even though I finished with no problems I gathered a few notes I’d like to share with you, hoping maybe it can improve it / correct it for later users.  It’s not anything big, just small things but important ones I think.

These notes could also be the result of my misunderstanding of some instruction at one point, which will also be good for me to learn the proper way to use things around the framework.

  1. Introduction:
  • The picture is outdated.  The result chart doesn’t look quite the same.  Specially the series legend box
  1. Draw simple chart:
  • You never mention the need of the trial key here.  I know this is kind of obvious for most of us but it’s also obvious that you need the framework and that gets mentioned.  Maybe the novice will save a bit of time with that one
  • We import “ShinobiChartsDataSource.h” but I don’t think we use it anywhere since we employ our same VC as the data source
  • [xAxis release] and [yAxis release] are needed when using ARC.  This doesn’t get mentioned here but it is later when using “autorelease”
  1. Adding a Data Source:
  • You mentioned that we need to initialize the DS and “assign it to the chart inside the viewDidLoad method of the UIViewController before adding it to the view” but I initialized it (before reading carefully) after adding it to the subview and the result seems to be the same.  Why is that?

This is it.  I hope I understood everything correctly and while I wait for your feedback in this I’m moving on to the next tutorial.

Can’t wait!




Hi Juan,

Thanks for the feedback - this is really useful. I’ll make sure that this is recorded and changes made to that document.

To answer some to your questions …

  1. The out-dated picture - the text says that the chart shoudl look “something like this” :wink: On a serious note, it is really hard work keeping all teh product screenshots up to date, we’ll fix this next time we update the document,
  2. The trial key - good point, we should mention this
  3. I think the import is needed, but would have to run throgh the guide myself to confirm. I’ll make a note :slight_smile:
  4. Good spot - I think it woudl be easier if the guide just assumes that the developer is using ARC as most do these days.
  5. Regarding setting the chart datasource, you are correct, you can set the datasource after adding the chart to the view, or some time in the future - perhaps after the user has tapped a button. I guess the wording could be clearer here, perhaps the word ‘need’ makes it sound like it must be done in this order.

Thanks again, Colin E.


Hi Colin, 

thanks for your reply. 

I know it is hard to keep things up to date, that’s why I take the time to make this “notes” whenever I can.  I believe it’s a proper way for us to help you stay on top of everything and keep the site (and product) sharp at all times.

Best regards, 



Hi there,

Warning - Very new to iOS / Shinobi charts. I could not find “ShinobiChartsDataSource.h” should it be located in ShinobiCharts.framework\headers? ShinobiEssentials.embeddedframework\headers? I could not find it so I did not include it. Project complied and ran but I am worried I may need the header in the future.

[xAxis release] and [yAxis release] caused complier errors - ARC forbids explicit message send of ‘release’. I removed them compiled and ran.